About Me

About Me

My name is Delilah Ko,

  I am an Espiritista 'Spiritualist', Spiritual Mentor, Healer aka Curandera using shamanistic and spiritistic remedies for mental, emotional, physical and "spiritual" illnesses with a degree in Transpersonal Psych | CSB.

During my passing 'initiation, per se' I promised to give my whole life in helping men, women, children and our elders to find healing and self growth through spirituality. I am all about self-love and evolution. I work with limpia(s) in person and by distance, I bless and cleanse businesses and open roads, I work with el mal ojo - evil eye, susto 'fright', protection, curses and the removal of hexes 'brujeria', etc. I use many forms of Divination - Arastre, Tobacco, Tarot and can read without my cards.  


I practice El Curanderismo, Traditional Medicine Folk Healing, African Spirituality, Heka, and the use of Vibrational Medicine.

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