About Delilah Ko

About Delilah Ko

Delilah Ko is a trained “Curandera” healer, a “Yerbera” herbalist in Forth Worth & Dallas, Texas while also offering virtual services.  Delilah, practices El Curanderismo which is a holistic approach to wellness that has been used in the Americas, Pre- and Post-contact, for hundreds of years. Her practice also includes Ancestral Knowledge and Ancestral Medicine also known as 'Medicina del campo'.

El Curanderismo believes that diseases are caused by social, psychological, physical, environmental, and spiritual factors; a disharmony of body, mind, and spirit.  While El Curanderismo is practiced throughout Central and South America and Mexico, Delilah's healing practice is rooted in the Maya healing lineages of El Salvador. It's her honor to keep this tradition alive, and for her to be part of this rich tradition - She is an Indigenous Woman. 


Delilah is also known as a vidente, spiritual mentor using shamanistic and spiritistic remedies for mental, emotional, physical and "spiritual" illnesses with a degree in Transpersonal Psych | CSB.   

She works: 

Limpias (in person & by distance)

El Mal Ojo - Evil Eye

Susto 'Shock' (within physical body and emotional)

Espanto 'terror | fright' (beyond the physical body)

Empacho 'indigestion'

Womb Massages

Opening and closing energetic channels in the body


She uses many forms of divination: 




and, more


In El Curanderismo we begin with a “plática” to help us determine what kind of Limpia is necessary and what healing plan will work for you.  A healer is not someone who heals you. A healer is someone who awaken your consciousness for YOU to heal yourself. 


Yo hablo español.

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