Artesanal Soaps

Artesanal Soaps

Our Artesanal Soaps are made of 100% organic ingredients - down to the glycerin and the lather base. We use a cold pressed method to extract oils from the seeds of plants and their fruits and add fresh herbs and fermented cold pressed oils to treat skin and hair conditions. The method we use is one our ancestors used for hundreds of years and continues within the elders in Oaxaca & Chiapas, Mexico.  This Ancestral Traditional Method dates back over 300 years - and requires all the ingredients to be prepped with love, care, and patience.

First, we began by fermenting the herbs, seeds, leaves, roots, etc for 4 to 6 weeks before we can began the process of mixing any ingredients, to then pour into the soap mold. We work with patience and a pure heart when working with Madre Tierra and to bring you quality Artesanal Soaps.

Our Natural Organic Soaps contain only the ingredients they need without added preservatives. Our soaps contain No Detergents or Processed Chemicals, or Stabilizers that are harsh for the Hair, Scalp, and Skin and not stripping your skin of its natural protective oils and moisture.  Our gentle foamy lather comes from natural crushed roots, petals, and nontoxic saponin. 

We offer Vegan soaps 🌿 as well as Goat Milk Soaps for sensitive and dry skin. 


Our soaps are Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable with no harsh chemicals to not contaminate our water. 

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