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Sacred Mayan Gods is an ancestral and herbal medicine collective shop created to honor the elders, the heavens, the earth, and the four directions and to hold space for traditional medicine.


Artisanal products are made using a Zapotec traditional method that dates back 300 year's, using 100% natural ingredients, free of sulfate or any harsh surfactants and chemicals! The ingredients used are 100% organic and we use premium herbs. 


The Maya Jade collection is ethically sourced; we work very closely with the Maya People of Guatemala, where our jade is mined, handcrafted, and polished. Live showing of the Maya Jade Collection is offering through our Tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@mujerdeconocimiento


 Connect with us through IG www.instagram.com/sacredmayangods


Established 2017



Indigenous owned business

Located in Keller, Texas | Los Angeles, CA