Note: USPS & UPS are running a bit behind in my area, expect a delay, but stay excited for your package!

Open Box Policy

We offer open boxes for Live Sale customers and Online Purchases. They must be under the same name. 

Keeping an open box means, we will hold the crystals you claimed during a live show and/or online purchases for 2 weeks max, unless you live outside the US and we have communicated to keep an open box longer to help you save on shipping costs. 

In order to keep an open box, please checkout using “open box” for your shipping method. You won’t be charged for shipping, unless the total of the items don’t meet the $59 within the US. International buyers, when it’s time to close your box, you will receive an invoice via PayPal for the cost of shipping with a discount from our part, because we believe you too deserve a shipping discount.  

Remember beautiful customers, we close boxes every two weeks.  

International customers: We understand your shipping cost is higher, so we will keep your box open longer to help you save.