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Sacred Mayan Gods

7 Bitter Herbs Spray - Curandera Water

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Here is the 7 bitter herbs spray used by Curandera(o)s when preforming a  Limpias.

It's the muddy green spray or bottle healers always carry to spray the crown , hands, and feet or the stomach to clear guilt, fears, sadness, etc; also used to clear blockage at a deeper level `aligning our energetic points`. This water has been made by 7 bitter herbs that get hand pressed for 6 hours until the herbs release their essence and the particles which you will be able to see floating around and at times will sit at the bottom of the bottle, so give it a good shake before using it. The most important ingredient used in this water is La Medicina `the medicine` Mezcal.  La Medicina - Mezcal allows us to connect Spirit with the Soul for us to be able to heal.

Drums are used during the making of the water while using the Spirit of the Tobacco to ask for purification, balance, and harmony.  Tobacco is the Spirit of our Grandfather.  We offer tobacco to the earth as a sacrament . 


Prayer: With the permission of Heaven and Earth and the Four DirectionsI _________ (your name) call back my spirit; return back to me... return back to me, I need you.  IT the power of my words given to me by my creator, I repair my aura (my rainbow) and align my Mind, Body and Spirit; I bring balance and harmony to my Soul(s). Today, I open my spiritual roads and welcome Love, Health, Abundance and Prosperity. I hold the power within me to Love and to receive Love

So it will be, So it will be, So be it!



After the prayer, spray your Crown, Back of the base HeadHands, Feet and if you are feeling guilt the Stomach and massage clockwise, then clap three times `loud' to create a swift in frequencies - if you can't clap then snap your fingers 3 times and/or a bell.


Spray Bottle: 8.5 FL OZ


_ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ 

Keep the bottle away from children, direct sun, and fire - Keep in mind it has Mezcal.  Do not bath in it (External use only). ~ If you need a Spiritual Bath Water here's one recommend by Delilah

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