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Sacred Mayan Gods

Highest Grade Fresh Unprocessed White Copal: Copal de la Penca 100% Pure Organic from Mexico | Ethically Sourced

Highest Grade Fresh Unprocessed White Copal: Copal de la Penca 100% Pure Organic from Mexico | Ethically Sourced

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🔥Copal de la Penca: High Grade Copal from Mexico 🔥


This copal is one of the best to use in ceremonies and rituals as it is considered highly sacred due to it's high purity and amazing fresh scent.


Highly treasured by our ancestors; this copal never touches the ground as it is collected using big Agave leaf or aloe vera leaf attached to the copal tree. The sap falls on the leaf and it gets collected creating a bar of copal with the freshest scent.

This copal is pure and unprocessed and of the great quality. It has been used in ceremonies from times immemorial and still used for incense and its medicinal properties to this very day.



🪵 Tree specie: Bursera Copallifera (Copal Santo)

Sustainably harvested by Copalero Artisan in Morelos, Mexico.


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How to use

Break a piece and burn it on your charcoal table over a copalero


 Fresh unprocessed copalli


Our Artisanal Products are made of 100% nature ingredients down to the base ingredients and preversatives; using a cold pressed method to extract oils from the seeds of plants and their fruits and adding fresh and fermented cold pressed oils to treat skin and hair conditions. We use an ancestral Oaxaca | Chiapas traditional method which dates back to over 300 years - requiring us to first ferment the herbs, seeds, leaves, roots, etc for 4 to 6 weeks. We work with patience and pure love to bring you quality Artisan products.

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Please note we don't accept returns. Unfortunately we cannot accept returns (as we can't resell unused products once they leave Sacred Mayan Gods. But, feel free to message us, we may consider your return and offer you a credit (it varies from case to case), Only our Rosehip & Turmeric Oil | Nourishing Facial Oil is legible under the 30 days money back as others are products for general use.

You may email us at with photo evidence if you used the Rosehip & Turmeric Oil | Nourishing Facial Oil for 30 days and seen no improvement on the skin.

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Unfortunately we cannot refund bulk buying (as we can resell unused products once they leaves Sacred Mayan Gods.

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Magic in medicine

I wanted to write to express my gratitude, and to mention how exceptional of good quality of the items I purchased. Love to see meso-American indigenous magic, and knowledge of healing being put to use. Also the shipping was exceptionally swift. Once again thank you for everything! Blessings. And (Maltiox) which is thanks in maya .

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