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Sacred Mayan Gods

Growth and Abundance Dressed Candle

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We all need a little boost here and there, so here's a dressed candle that will assist you through your Spiritual Journey for Growth and Abundance.


Growth is very important and needed for us to be able to evolve.  We go through similar cycles spiritually as a butterfly - known as Metamorphosis

This allows us to enter a new phase and welcome new energy and appreciate all that was created by spirit. Abundance comes in many ways and all is received with an open heart and mind. 


* You will receive a 7'' dressed candle with instructions on how to lite it and how to set your intention(S).

* Plus a small spray to cleanse your hands before touching the candle: Florida Water.

* Extra dressing material to dress it incase there was a fall out during shipping.

You will be able to watch your candle from your home and be able to tap into your intuition which guides us. You can seek the help of your ancestors and/or guides to be able to read the wax and flame.   

*If you need help with your petition let me know.  Bae, you got this, I believe in you!


If you need my help and prefer for me to lite your candle, let me know as well.  I can set your petition here and send you a report a few days after, just leave a note in the instructions for Seller before checking out and check out using "open Box" for you not to be charged for shipping.

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