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Sacred Mayan Gods

Indigo Blue Spiritual Water | Peace Water | Bath Water

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You’d often heard the elders say - “tienes que darte una Limpieza”, (you need a cleansing), or “necesitas un despojo”, (you need to dispose of those energies)!

This water Is used for Aura wash - to absorb negative vibrations, clarify, purify as well as for protection against the Evil Eye while attracting luck and raising spiritual vibrations. 

It can be used as a bath water, and to cleanse the areas that are feeling heavy. 


To bath set an intention or prayer before using it. Carefully pour it over your body (from the next down to the feet) in the shower or bath. Must be taken with a cold shower or bath - to release what's heavy soon you.  Keep in mind the bath water will tint your skin a light blue as part of your Spiritual cleanse. The tint will wash off with water. Please use an old or dark towel to avoid damaging white or new towels.  Best days for spiritual cleanse are Thursday, Friday, Saturday. 


To cleanse areas that are feeling heavy (keep in mind this water has a blue tint which is original Anil from Spain), pour a little on a cloth and clean the area while saying a prayer or setting an intention - after you are done, cleanse the area with cold water and clap twice to shift the frequencies. 


Ingredients: No Dairy, Nuts, Eggs was used. The color comes from Egyptian Blue Lotus and Anil. Natural herbs and essential oils were used. 


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