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Kammererite Shiva • Spiritual Development

Sacred Mayan Gods

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Kammererite Shiva • Spiritual Development

You'll receive 1 Kammererite shiva intuitively selected by Delilah ❤ Please select the size (the price varies and is calculated the size of the pocket stone).

❤ Great for our Third Eye and Heart Chakra and a master crystal associated with the Crown Chakra 

❤ Powerful stone helping you develop your psychic gifts and activating your Third Eye

❤  Known for its detoxifying properties: cleansing and clearing energies,  blockages, and aids in releasing lower vibrations such as anger, guilt, fear, doubt, shame and other negative emotions that impede spiritual elevation.

❤  Great for all Zodiacs and specially for Pisces 

In Hindu culture, the shiva lingam is a representation of the Lord Shiva in Shaivism. It's believed to be a representation of their phallus. The Lingam represents the Brahmanda, which means “cosmic egg”, symbolizing the creation of both the divine male and female energies. Oftentimes temples are built with a single Shiva Lingam residing in the center, resting within a Yoni representing the female organ.

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