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Palo Azul | Kidney Wood Tincture

Palo Azul | Kidney Wood Tincture

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Tinctures are concentrated liquid herbal extracts made from plants and used as herbal medicine. They are taken orally to relieve a wide range of health issues, or as a proactive way to support specific elements of your wellbeing. In chemistry terms, tinctures are solutions that use alcohol and water as a solvent.


Palo Azul is also known as Eysenhardtia Polystachya or kidneywood.

1. Decrease Kidney Stone Size

2. Prevent Formation of Kidney Stones

It is thought that diuretics (like Palo Azul) are able to decrease urinary calcium (Harvard Health). Calcium oxalate is the most common type of human kidney stones. Diuretics also help to flush out potassium.


3. Improves Insulin Resilience

It is believed that one of the possible mechanisms of kidney disease is the defective insulin signaling. Palo Azul may improve insulin resistance. A 2016 study from Japan found that Palo Azul has numerous physiological effects, that contribute to the prevention of metabolic syndrome. This included improvement of  insulin resistance by facilitating the differentiation of myoblasts.

4. Nephritis (Kidney Inflammation)

Nephritis is acute or chronic inflammation of kidneys. The plant was used in traditional medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent and this studyproved this fact.

5. Decrease Glucose Levels

In a study, it was found, that administration of Palo Azul significantly decreased glucose levels in an animal model of diabetes. Extra glucose can damage your blood vessels’ intima, causing macro and microangiopathies. Thus, extra glucose can cause kidney damage.

6. Reduces the Probability of Getting Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) In 2009 the British Journal of Biomedical Science highlighted the success of Palo Azul’s antibacterial properties against the bacteria, commonly causing UTIs.

7. Help Arthritis

A recently performed study showed that Palo Azul could delay the progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

8. Anti-inflammatory Effect 

A second study  tested Its activity when administered topically. The study suggested that Palo Azul ingredients can be proposed as topical anti-inflammatory agents. A third study gives support to previously mentioned data.

9. General Pain Reduction

It was found that Palo Azul can help in reducing pain (Angel Josabad, 2018). D-pinitol was the main component (metabolite),responsible for this effect.. It was found that the potency of D-pinitol was similar to that of standard drugs.

10.  Alleviate Complications of Diabetes

Six new flavonoids were discovered in 2016 by Rosa Martha Perez-Gutierrez in Palo Azul (Eysenhardtia polystachya).

11. Reduce Blood Glucose

12. Improve Insulin Resistance

Other Benefits

We have done extensive research to find other benefits of Palo Azul, which are listed below.

13. Anti Bacterial

A study found in 1999 that there were antibacterial benefits of Palo Azul. Since then there has been minimal published research. You can read the full abstract here.

14. Anti-fungal Activity

A study has found antifungal activity of  Palo Azul grown in the region of Texas. This 1999 studywas the first to identify the flavanone, responsible for antifungal effect.


Proprietary Blend: Palo Azul (Kidney Wood), water, organic cane and/or grain alcohol, distilled water. 


Adult Dosage Guidelines: 1 dropperfuls, 2 -3 times a day. May be placed in water or juice or under the tongue. 


*NOTE: This statement has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration nor is this product intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant or nursing or taking prescription medication, please consult your healthcare professional.



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