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Palo Santo Aura Spray - Ethically Sourced

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This aura spray is Free of Alcohol and made the Traditional way by placing Palo Santo into large oil Mason Jars and extracting the essence the old natural way with love and patience.  It takes 4 weeks to make and is 100% Artisanal using Ethically Sourced Palo Santo from Cajamarca, Peru. 

After Palo Santo trees have fulfilled their natural life cycles, they are collected, cut and stored to dry and cure for a period of 3-5 years.

This spray was made to repair your Aura 'Energetic Field' that protects you. Please make sure you're not allergic to Palo Santo. 

Benefits of Palo Santo 

  • Rich in brain-oxygenating terpenes
  • Clears lower ancestral energy 'aka negative energy', replacing it with high frequencies
  • Pleasant smell
  • All-natural insect repellant
  • Helps with anxities
  • Used for rituals and ceremonies to align the mind, body, and spirit
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