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Rose Quartz Zodiac Runes

Sacred Mayan Gods

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Rose Quartz Zodiac Runes
Rose Quartz Zodiac Runes

The zodiacal signs originates in Babylonian astronomy during the first half of the 1st millennium BC.

Runes on the chart are compared not only to zodiac signs, but also with dominating planets which determine characteristics and features of celestial constellations. Each zodiac sign has two dominating planets which according to rules and principles of astrology are considered as daytime and nighttime rulers, that corresponds with two runes.


F - FEHU and U - URUZ - Aries - Mars and Pluto.
Mars on Aries - active way of life and rivalry.
Pluto on Aries - imperious influence on people.

TH - THURISAZ and A - ANSUZ - Taurus - Proserpine and Venus.
Proserpine on Taurus - complacency and narcissism.
Venus on Taurus - aesthetic perception of world reality.

R - RAIDU and K - KAUNA - Gemini - Mercury and Chiron.
Mercury on Gemini - synthetic connection and understanding of diverse phenomena.
Chiron on Gemini - analysis of events and analytical perception of phenomena.

G - GEBU and W - WUNJU - Crab - Moon and Sun.
Moon on Crab - material welfare.
Sun on Crab - emotional well-being.

H - HAGALAZ and 10 N - NAUDIZ - Leo - Sun and Moon.
Sun on Leo - visible social position.
Moon on Leo - emotional charm.

I - ISAZ and J - JARA - Virgo - Chiron and Mercury.
Chiron on Virgo - critical analysis of phenomena and events.
Mercury on Virgo - intellectual planning of events.

Æ - IWAZ and P - PERTH - Libra - Venus and Proserpine.
Venus on Libra - aesthetics and harmony of human relations.
Proserpine on Libra - vanity and self-charm.

Z - ALGIZ and S - SOWILU - Scorpio - Pluto and Mars.
Pluto on Scorpio - superiority over people.
Mars on Scorpio - aggression and rivalry.

T - TIWAZ and B - BERKANA - Sagittarius - Jupiter and Neptune.
Jupiter on Sagittarius - significant social status.
Neptune on Sagittarius - speculative perception of phenomena and events.

E - EHWAZ and M - MANNAZ - Capricorn - Saturn and Uranus.
Saturn on Capricorn - achievement of vital purposes.
Uranus on Capricorn - non-standard decisions of vital problems.

L - LAGUZ and NG - INGWAZ - Aquarius - Uranus and Saturn.
Uranus on Aquarius - bright emotional impressions.
Saturn on Aquarius - personal independence and quiet mood.

O - OTHILA and D - DAGAZ - Pisces - Neptune and Jupiter.
Neptune on Pisces - illusions and figurative perception of world validity.
Jupiter on Pisces - desire of honors and popularity.

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