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Sacred Mayan Gods

Spiritual Bath Water

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This spiritual bath water was created to help you release heavy energies that keeps you from moving forward, while aligning your energetic points aka Chakras. In my culture and practice it's sawed as a renewal ~ a hug from pachamama `Mother Earth`.


This spiritual bath water has been made with the 4 elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth and most importantly with the help of spirit. Ingredients are Rosemary, Rose, DragonBlood, 7 spirit herbs, Sage, natural ancestral herbs, ancestral prayers, sound frequencies + intentions to help you heal.



  • When the bottle arrives ~ hold it with both of your hands. Thank Spirit `Supreme - or whoever you pray to`, then thank Pachamama `Mother Earth' for clothing you, feeding you, grounding you, keeping you alive. After thanking set your intentions and light a small candle if you have one.
  • Run your shower or bath water (you can use Luke water or Warm water) ~ this spiritual bath water can be used alone or by adding it to your bath water (you can add epsom salt or sea salt to your bath water ~ it's up to you). If you don't have a bathtub; carefully pour the spiritual bath water over your body from the neck down to your feet. A very important step: Breath in and Release (blow all your worries and troubles. Let them go!).
  • After blowing all your troubles and worries, rinse your body. Rinse from top to bottom. It's okay to feel emotional; it's how we clear our heart chakra, but after this don't cry again. Too much crying causes depression and depression welcomes lower frequencies which causes blockages, instead laugh to welcome higher frequencies. We open our roads when we laugh.


You are made of pure Love.

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