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Tarot Pull Mystery Box

Sacred Mayan Gods

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Tarot Pull Mystery Box
Tarot Pull Mystery Box

Tarot cards in the early 16th century were not used to predict the future but to tap into our own intuition and act as guidelines for any decisions we needed to make.

The spiritual world of Tarot and the world of crystals are very much interconnected. 

  • The 22 Major Arcana cards are used to determine life pathways, and reflect personality traits. Crystals (stones) stimulate higher levels of spiritual communication, activate intuition and aid us through our journey 🦋. 

💫 I will use tarot cards when selecting your crystal(s). 


THESE MYSTERY BOXES SHIP WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS (transit time varies by the carrier).  

The mystery box will include a list of the stones  and what tarot cards were pulled which guided me to your stones (crystals). 

Please select the mystery box amount value you will like before adding it to your cart. Please leave me a note with what stone size you prefer, if that small or larger size. Please know if a note isn’t left i will select a mix of small and large 💗

Each Tarot Pull Mystery Box is Guaranteed to reach the purchase value or more!  

The Tarot Pull Mystery Box are created with love and light; the stones (crystals) will be selected with the guidance of the Major Arcana cards 🦋.  

Please read! I will need this information to pull your cards and be able to select your crystals. Leave the info in the notes. 

  1. Your full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of birth 
  4. Your IG name to message you with your reading 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jill Moen
Thank you for offering this!

I've made other purchases from Delilah prior, and have loved the exquisite crystals and all the care in the packing details that Delilah does. When I saw that she had these Tarot mystery boxes available, I was drawn to make check it out. While I've been collecting and working with crystals for a few years now, Tarot is somewhat new to me as I finally started working with it this year. I have had a few readings elsewhere, but the reading Delilah did was by far the most in-depth and intuitive reading I've had. She also provided recommendations for things I can do and work with to help with my situation. Delilah truly has an intuitive gift. All the things she shared resonate very deeply with me. Thank you so much for offering this box and sharing your gift with us! I'm excited to receive my box. I know Delilah has amazing taste in crystals she offers, so buying a mystery box was an easy decision even if the reading weren't offered.

Evelyn Garcia
She is a true blessing

I just have to say that Delilah’s reading brought me to tears. She was on point to the T! She really gave me closure to some things no one even knew about and truly helped me a lot. She is a God sent. I appreciate her so much and I love how much care and love she puts in everything that she does :)

Mae Lee

Sweetheart, you’re full of knowledge and hold a true gift. You’re reading hit home. You made me face my fears the ones I hide well or that is what I thought. Well, you read through me. You hit every single issue I've been going through. Thank you for recommending candles and herbs. Delilah, I appreciate your kind heart. I’m happy I met you.

Spot on reading

Delilah, you left me speechless just by my reading. This is all new to me, I wasn't expecting what showed up on the cards and for you to get the messages you did. Thanks! I am going through a lot of anger, after my mother’s passing.

Thanks for the message.

Full of truth

There are many things we don’t share with anyone in fear of judgment. I bought the tarot pull mystery box in hopes of answers and to add more crystals to my small collection. Delilah delivered a powerful message I needed to hear. It was the light at the end of my tunnel. Delilah, you are gifted and I’m sure the crystals I received will be as beautiful as your soul.

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