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Sacred Mayan Gods

Ven a Mi Chuparrosa Oil | Attract what you Desire

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Wear it as a Perfume to attract who or those desire.  This oil was passed down to me by Doña Rosa, one she learned in Tulum, Mexico in her many years as a Curandera there.  It's both Chuparrosa 'Hummingbird oil' with Ven a Mi 'Come to Me' which acts like a gentle yet effective love drawing oil.

Crafted to help you boost your natural pheromones.

It's a sweet, seductive energy, which makes its user utterly irresistible to attract and keep them coming for more. 

100% Organic, sparkles were added as part of the Magick effect. Give it a good shake before using it, as you maybe see the essence of the flowers sit as the base of the glass bottle. 


Can be rolled on the wrist, neck, and inner legs and behind the hair, and neckline. 

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